More than a Barber. While Germaine’s passion lives behind the chair, his diverse set of skills has allowed him to serve as an Coach, Educator, Pioneer, and Industry leader. With 30+ years of delivering an elevated experience for his clients and over 15 years of shop ownership Germaine has a deep understanding of what it takes to not only survive, but thrive in the highly competitive hair industry.

Germaine’s resume includes a Sponsorship by Black Solutions, a Personal Product line, a Digital Education Platform, Multiple Speaking Engagements at the industry’s biggest events (Bronnor Bros, Barber Con), Collaborations with other Industry Leaders and much more. We looking forward to you joining Germaine on his journey and becoming, More than a Barber.


Barbering is more than giving a haircut; more than providing a close shave; more than touching up your color. The craft of barbering is just that — it’s a craft, an art form, a lifestyle. 


Germaine offers a variety of educational paths to support your career growth. Whether you want to learn the fundamentals of a client experience, diversify your service menu by offering “man-units”, or looking to increase your revenue & become a six figure Barber. Germaine has it all.


With over 30 years of experience Germaine has a diverse skill-set and portfolio. Fades, Hair Units, Men’s Cuts, Women’s Cuts, Color, and Shaves. Germaine has something for everyone.